3 Steps process

Login and Integrate

Upon receiving your credentials via email, initiate the login process. Once logged in, navigate to the "Integration" section. Here, you'll have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate platforms like Facebook, Google, and others. This one-time setup ensures your accounts are interconnected for a streamlined experience.


Dive into the "Customize" function to truly make the platform yours. Upload your brand's logo for a personalized touch. Additionally, fine-tune the "request review" messages to align with your brand voice, all while harnessing the power of Docfama's robust features. Tailor your interactions to resonate with your audience seamlessly.

Request Reviews

After initial setup, the "Request Reviews" function empowers you to solicit feedback effortlessly. Reach out to your audience via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or even through QR codes, offering versatile avenues to gather invaluable insights.

How it Works